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May 23, 2006
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Rockman Family by Cuckooguy Rockman Family by Cuckooguy
So, I was looking through my computer arts stuff a while ago and I was like "Man, I need to finish my unfinished projects" and decided to work on the Rockman Family again. It was a project where I would draw every single main Rockman (Mega Man) Classic character, and perhaps put them all (quite haphazardly) into one image. I think I'm finally done... I have every major character and robot master in this pic... but even then, I don't feel quite complete. I think perhaps it will finally put my mind to rest once I put in Dark Man (I even have Doc Man/Doc Robot in this pic, after all), the Reggae from Rockboard (who also made a cameo in Rockman 7), and maybe Sarratont (La Thor), Time Man and Oil Man. Maybe.

But anyway, this project was started about five or six years ago. That's why the main cast and a lot of the older robot masters look much uglier than the ones that were more recently illustrated. I can also spot many mistakes I did in terms of shading, but I don't really have the will to redraw or recolor every character I'm currently unsatisfied with. Alias Maya assisted in the creation in sooome of them... though that program probably wasn't used for more than 6 of the characters. Also, all the older character art probably don't have canvas sizes bigger than 480x480 and also don't have photoshop files (they're all gifs). I only started saving them as PSD files around the time I got to the MM6 robot masters, and they probably didn't have anything bigger than 1024x1024 canvas size. It would be like that until MM8+, where I always set the canvas size ?x2048 or 2048x? (the longer side would always be 2048 pixels).

And that's pretty much it as far as useless trivia of this image goes. Keep in mind this image is pretty random with no focus or any sense of harmony to it. Just a bunch of jumbled Rockman characters.

Edit as of May 26, 2006: So, I decided to cave in and add Reggae, all four Darkman forms, Timeman, and Oilman. Thus, this image is finally complete, and I shall never update it again even if new Rockman games were to be made (unless Mega Man 9 or 10 is confirmed to be the last last Mega Man game in the series. At least Capcom haven't been overtly milking the Classic series). And screw El Thor/Sarratont from Super Adventure Rockman. This is it, and so, I thank you for looking at this piece.
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Dayofthemonth Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
*Sheds a tear*
:iconsupertighthugplz: I LOVE YOU MAN.
ChrisJGavarrete Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Student General Artist
Amazing and rock on :)
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Let us play ISpy. I spy with my little creeper eye some epic. If you guessed everything you are right!
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Only one word pops to my mind when I saw this: "amazing"! :wow:
You've got to be proud of yourself, man... every single character screams effort, not even one is half-assed :clap:
You've got amazing talent, but your dedication is more admirable... you earned a fellow artist's respect :iconthumbupplz:
Negaishipping-King Featured By Owner May 30, 2012
awesoooooome job! ^^
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This is amazing... If I'd attempt this my hands would break. I applaud you. Good work!
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Wow amazing. They are "all" on it O.o

If this would become a puzzle it would make you crazy while you try to finish it. :D
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I would also like to say this is bloody awesome and that I gleed while looking for each and every single Stardroid, as well as some of my favorite Robot Masters.
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